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by On May 5, 2011
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Happy Circus is an exciting new way to let your children learn new words, just as importantly, have fun with them. Designed for 3-to-8-year-olds, Hello My Friends! is the first instalment of this exciting series. In the game, our story hero Buddy Bear will help the frustrated Elephant learn how to say and spell correctly the names of his animal friends through interactive games with fantastic sounds and graphics.Features:- It's not only learning; it's great fun too! Your children will actively participate in the fascinating story of Hello My Friends! while learning new words effectively. - Through the story of helping your friends and doing good, Hello My Friends! aims also at the cultivation of self confidence and a sense of responsibility in your children. - Learning is reinforced by the distinctive sound of each animal and beautifully animated pictures. - The instinctive interface makes it a perfect way for toddlers to learn and have fun.*******************************************神奇小熊與你的小朋友帶領開心馬戲團周遊列國,沿途為小動物解決煩惱,將歡樂帶給大家!"Hello my friends!"為三至八歲學前兒童度身訂造。遊戲以大笨象因不懂得正確地讀出其他動物的名字,而受到頑皮馬騮及青蛙取笑,故悶悶不樂為背景。神奇小熊有見及此,決定與小朋友一起教大笨象如何正確地讀出其他動物的名字,從而令小朋友學會不同動物的單字及發音。主要特色:- 透過精彩的故事背景及可愛角色教授英語,提高小朋友對學習的興趣及代入感。- 以幫助小動物為主題,讓小朋友能在遊戲中化身英雄,提高小朋友的責任感及成功感。- 分為5個單元(農場、森林、河流、海洋及天空),並包含各種動物的可愛造型、真實叫聲及正確發音,從而提高小朋友對不同動物的認知能力。- 操作簡單,讓小朋友能輕易地在玩樂時學習英語。

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