Heart-shaped floating clouds in a blue sky theme.The heart-shaped clouds and rainbow float in the blue sky. Brings feelings of happiness and warmth *.+? Conveniently arrange the icons you use most!? High quality clock widget included!? Plenty of popular theme designs available!? To use themes the [+] HOME (Plus Home) app is required.??FREE?Download [+] HOME ?http://goo.gl/SUGwu? Setup- Install A ThemeFrom the app list (drawer), tap on themeInstall the HOME appInstall the HOME app [+] HOME > select [+] HOME from the app list (drawer), settings- Change, Add Themes Change… After setting up the HOME app [+]HOME, device’s Menu button > Theme? Theme FeaturesHome screen / Icons / Menu Screen / Drawer Screen / Clock Widget and more? Recommended ThemesFree / Flowers / Cute / Simple / Traditional Japanese / Stylish / TextilePlenty of popular designs!Get themes here?http://android.atm-plushome.com/theme/index/?=am_plushome_ds_203_en* This site is only in Japanese? Compatible OSAndroid OS 2.1 or newer? Compatible Devices (Updated Frequently)http://android.atm-plushome.com/theme/supported* The devices above have been tested with [+]HOME. Please understand that there may be differences with features and theme performance depending on your device.Please send any inquiries or feedback using the Email Developer link. We apologize, but correspondence can only be provided in Japanese and English.? DeveloperAteam Inc.- [+]HOME is registered trademark of Ateam Inc.- Android is a registered trademark of Google Inc.- Screenshots may differ from what is displayed on certain devices.

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