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Have You Been Caught is a fantastic way to wind up and prank your friends! Simply ask your friends to enter their vehicle registration number to check for their “impending” speeding tickets. Lead them into thinking that they have acquired a speeding ticket, and watch their faces change as they realise they have a speed camera fine to pay!To make this prank even more convincing, Have You Been Caught allows the prankster to include his or her own photos as “photographic evidence”. Alternatively, the default picture of “Nelson” from “The Simpson’s” can be shown, along with Nelson’s infamous “Ha ha” sound clip. This informs them that they have been spoofed!This is the perfect app to use on “April Fools Day” or any day you wish to use it to fool your friends and get your own back!Features include:• Option to add your friend’s vehicle make and model, alongside their vehicle registration number.• Choose your own photograph, this could be a picture of your mate, a picture of their car or a similar car…the possibilities are endless!• Automatically detects the area you are currently located, or alternatively, change the area yourself to where your mate was caught “speeding”.• Change the street on which your mate was caught “speeding” or alternatively, use the default settings.• Move to SD card functionality.Please note that Have You Been Caught should to be used sensibly and for entertainment purposes only. The app does not store any personal information and is not linked in any way to “official” databases.

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