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Haxtext is an SMS "leet speak" text encoder which allows you to type a string of characters, for example, "Hello", and convert it into special characters – "]-[€£LΩ"You can choose the total percentage of conversion, refresh the encoding as many times as you like, and then send it to anyone you’d like.Each character has many different encoding possibilities, so keep refreshing to see them all!Purchase the full version for MMS capability, Twitter and Facebook posting.Leet speak has been around since it’s origination on BBS systems in the 1980s. The original purpose of it was to bypass filters spelling the same word in different ways. It also lead to the development of ASCII art which can rarely be seen in IRC chat today. Over time it has been called different things, including 1337, l337, leetspeak, l33t speak, and other variations. People that would use leet speak would also commonly use the word haxor or hax0r to refer to the word hacker. For more information on the history of leet speak, check out this great article on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leethaxtext text encoder l33t speak haxor 1337 hax0rz MMS texting email twitter facebook

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