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A complete package that now tracks all of your diet phases from 1 through 4 and our “Life” phase. Our app is the first of its kind because we are the only hCG Diet company that has the ability sync all of your information (such as weight, measurements, notes and photos) with our online site free!- Ability to sync your device with our online web site.- Easy Daily Meal Planning in Phases 2(based on images of the allowed foods) 3, 4, and Life- which then automatically creates shopping list.- Ability to print your graphs and shopping list from online.- Expanded Can I Eat food database that now includes prepared food items (total database is over 5,000 items with Calories)- Protocol success calendar that now tracks your daily progress. It is our new way for you to not only get a quick overview of where you stand in your diet schedule but also fill in any data you may have missed.- Vegetarian options to use during P2 such as Pea and Whey protein. Along with not seeing the meat/animal product icons if you choose.- We have streamlined P2 planning so you can choose to see only what you will be eating.- Enhanced videos that walk you through how to use the app along with detailed help information. (As with all of our apps)- Track Blood Pressure and Glucose- We accommodate multiple dosage schedules depending on the type of hCG you have decided to take.- Notifications are sent direct to your device or cell text message or e-mail. 16 different types of text alert options.- Members Meet: a new forum within the site that allows you to meet others doing the diet and using your free login to Calorie tracking. See your daily calories for every planned meal in all phases.- Easy to navigate and clear interface. Made for both beginner or advanced dieter.- New E-ticket system which will better serve your technical questions. Open Mon-Fri.- For those that use the Withing’s WIFI scale you will now be able to sync your weights with the app via WIFI and never need to record them by hand.- Track your water and body fat and view each in graph form.- The ability to automatically be reminded of a steak or apple day.- We accommodate both Metric or Imperial Measurements for food, and your weight and measurements- Ability to plan each day’s meals. Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. And view all of this information on your home screen.- Push pin icons that serve as reminders to plan meals.- Pass-code lock your app so that your personal information and photos are secure.- Ability to reset all data or just some information before starting another round.- Works for both sublingual and injections.- Ability to change your start date and override the system easily without loosing your information (i. e. you want to shorten Phase 4 so you can start a second round sooner).- Ability to take and store photos each day and attach them to the Calendar by day. This is a great way for you to see your journey from start to finish. Once you take photos you can create your own slide show to show friends right from the app.- Journal Notes section, where you can log entries for each day of the diet. Then quickly monitor which days were successful or not by clicking on the references icons (Followed, Cheated, Gained etc).- Automatic weight and body Measurement Graphs are created when you enter your numbers each day.- Dr. Simeons’ Pounds and inches complete book included in the app- A complete voice recording of Dr. Simeon’s book broken down into specific chapters.- Ability to link to your Doctor who may monitor all your app entries and message directly to you via the app.

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