HD Horses Live Wallpaper PRO


If you like horses, you will very probably like this lovely live wallpaper with many beautiful HD horse images in top quality.More than that, it is a must have if you enjoy riding or if you are a horse lover: Countless brilliant HD themes of beautiful horses, photos and illustrations. Images of horses and riders in the sunset. Colorful and romantic. The themes pack does not only include realistic images: Many illustrations and some unicorn images are included as well to make you dream away.This Live Wallpaper looks perfect on any device. No matter if cell phone or tablet! Just try it out!This app is not a common slide show. You have different stylish image transitions a lot of other visual effects like sparkling hearts, flares, etc…. You can also add a sparkle trail effect which looks amazing! Choose colour and item type and enjoy your interactivity with the app! Check it out, explore it and be surprised!FREE VS. PRO VERSION:?The FREE version is fully functional and comes with some HD images preinstalled. Additionally you can download THREE favourite HD themes of your choice. All optical effects work in the free version. ?The PRO version is ad free and you can download the entire HD themes selection and all new images (next year & future) for your entire lifetime!ONE STAR RATINGS & FAIRNESS? QUALITY: If you think the app is not good, you can provide a one star rating of course. Provide an explanation and we will try to get better. We are really interested in what you think.? GREED & MAMMONISM: If you rate it one star, because you don

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