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Read this first!* Please make sure the lighting on your face is good enough* Please make sure your face is more or less straight, not rotated too much, not tilted too much* Try the debug mode to check whether the face detection works or not* If one of the implementation fails, please report it and try the other one Head Tracking 3D demonstrates the ability of the front facing camera on Android devices to detect the face of the user to provide a head-tracking virtual reality display. The application has been developed and tested with Asus Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 & Notion Ink Adam because of their fast processing speed. The 3D rendering part of the App is based on my previous Android application "3D Depth Cues Demo" and the face detection is based on the Google Code project JavaCV and the OpenCV Android port.The App can however still be used with other Android devices, using the rear facing camera and inverting the X-axis, together with a mirror to reflect yourself or a photo of a human face. Community project by Yap Wen Jiun ( from CodeAndroid Malaysia (* OpenCV at for the face detection* JavaCV at for the face detection using OpenCV * Android API Demos at for the general OpenGL rendering into a SurfaceView and the rendering of camera preview * akjava-android-project at for the generation of 3D solids * Wii Projects by Johnny Chung Lee Wii at for the inspiration of headtracking

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