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Turn the button on a wired headset into a remote control for your music player - and much more!Headset Button Controller is very configurable, allowing you to play music, change tracks, adjust volume, answer phone calls, start Voice Command and many other things, just by clicking the button on your headset.Headset Button Controller is shipped with a powerful default configuration, but you can change almost every action performed. Once you have configured it with your preferences, it runs in the background using almost no CPU. It has been tested with a wide variety of different Android devices and music apps and works with both single-button headsets, and Android-specific 3-button headsets.Default configuration for single-button headsets (center button for 3-button headsets):* Single press: play / pause (+ answer call / end call)* Double press: next track (+ decline call / mute microphone)* Triple press: previous track* Quadruple press: previous track (2x)* Long press: Volume control [2]* Press and hold: Fast forward [3]* Double press and hold: Rewind [3]* Triple press and hold: disabledAll of the above options are configurable to any of the following:* Stop* Play / pause* Next track* Previous track* Previous track (2x)* Mute / unmute* Voice command* Voice search* Redial last number* Say current time (Text-To-Speech required)* Launch app* Launch shortcut* Tasker task [1]* Switch profileAdditionally the long press options are configurable to any of the following:* Volume control [2]* Rewind [3]* Fast forward [3][1] Requires the app 'Tasker'[2] While the button is held down, the volume is initially reset to the minimum limit (see below) and then raised until the button is released[3] Not every music player app supports rewind / fast forwardWith a 3-button headset, volume control is also configurable with the left and right headset buttons.Music app selectionHeadset Button Controller controls the currently running music app. You are also able to explicitly specify which installed music app you want to control.Volume control featuresHeadset Button Controller remembers the music volume when the headphone is unplugged and can restore it when the headphone is plugged in again.* Min volume limit: Start volume level of the 'volume control' command* Max volume limit: Ensures that the headset music volume never exceeds this limitCall featuresYou are also able to control calls with the headset button:* answer call / end call on single press (configurable)* decline call / mute microphone on double press (configurable)* adjust volume during a call (see volume control)* announce caller name (Text-To-Speech required)You can also configure Headset Button Controller to automatically answer an incoming call after a configurable delay.Headset plug in / outYou can configure an action to be performed when the headset gets plugged in / out.ProfilesYou can create different 'configuration profiles' which you can switch between. Add a widget or a shortcut to your home screen to easily change your profile. It is also possible to switch profile from the 'Tasker' or 'Locale' app (Locale plug-in). All settings can be backed up on SD card.===============This is the full version of Headset Button Controller. To check if this app works with your phone / music player correctly, we suggest you first install the trial version of this app before buying.===============

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