Headsup Holdem Poker


This app lets you play a Heads-up game of No Limit Hold’em against the computer, a friend, either in a ‘pass and go’ style of play with a single handset, or with two Android handsets networked via bluetooth. The app has been designed to accurately reflect real professional playing conditions and rules, and offers a number of standard game structures as well as allowing you to customise your own game structures. You can play Headsup Holdem Poker anywhere at any time but the game is especially ideal for those situations where it’s not easy or convenient to get out a real pack of card and chips: for example, in the car or plane or it will even liven up coffee breaks or social events in the bar or pub!Why not hone your skills against the computer and challenge your friend to a game or two!Games features are as follows: – Selection of standard games structures – Customise your own game structures: levels, chips, blinds – Play against the computer or a friend – Different computer playing strengths – Networked play via bluetooth – Realistic playing card – Currency selection – Real soundsComments and improvement requests welcome! please post to my new Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/timegalore/115492218466041

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