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SummaryManage the exercising heart rate, and this application assists you in training more efficiently.In addition, with a GPS sensor, record a trace of speed and the movement and can count the lap time.Store workout as a file and transfer a file to a PC and can open by PC application.Workout file of HRnavi+ can use in the following PC apps.(1) Polar Precision Performance SW v.4(2) Polar ProTrainer5(3) Firstbeat ATHLETE(R-R interval record rate and length more than one minute are necessary)(4) Google Earth(GPX file)The following HR sensors are available.(1) Poar wearlink+ with bluetooth(2) Zephyr HXM bluetooth(3) ANT+ compatible HR sensorCalculate the calorie consumption and display it in real time.Continued recording unless the record of workout is carried out as Android serviceand is finished explicitly even if I finish this application.The record is continued unless it became the severe low memory situation and canrecord workout of up to 12 hours. HR range warning by the beep sound and voice guidance at the time of the lap arrival. If a HR became less than a target HR range, Sound low frequency and the long period.If a HR became more than a target HR range, Sound high frequency and the short period.TTS engine is necessary for voice guidance at the time of the lap arrival.English and Japanese are available now.Display a trace of the movement on a map.The map can use the off-line map of the GramapCE format other than GoogleMap.SpecificationsHRnavi+ has three views.The first is workout view.The workout view displays the present location of a duration, heart rate, calorie consumption and distance.These are displayed as a column every item.You can change the indication order of the column depending on your preference.And you can make a specific column invisible.The second is graph view.The graph view displays workout as a heart rate, speed and a altitude graph.And you can make any graph invisible.The summary of workout is displayed in graph view too.They are ...(1) HR rangeTime beyond the target HR.Time in the target HR.Time below the target HR.Time when you took a rest.(2) Started time(3) Duration(4) Average speed(5) Distance The third is map view.The map around the present location is displayed, and a trace of the movement is displayed.The trace of the movement is colored in the following rules according to the heart rate of the point in time.(1) The color is gray in case of less than very light intensity.(2) The color is blue in case of with in very light intensity and up to light intensity.(3) The color is green in case of with in light intensity and up to moderate intensity.(4) The color is yellow in case of with in moderate intensity and up to hard intensity.(5) The color is red in case of with in hard intensity and up to maximum intensity.When workout is with an automatic lap function and was started, the number of the lapsand a lap time are displayed in map view at the spot.

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