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Heartburn is a new twist on the game of Hearts that brings unique challenges to fans of the game. Using a special deck of cards called a Foresight deck, Heartburn has new changes in the way cards are passed and scored. At once familiar and brand new, Heartburn will appeal to anyone who enjoys Hearts and other traditional card games.With a Foresight deck, the backs of the cards tell you a little about the suit the card might be. The better the card, the less you know about the suit. Add in the fact that part of your hand is concealed not just from your opponents but you, and a Foresight deck gives card players challenges that they haven't seen before. With Heartburn, not only do you get to pass cards to your opponent, but you get to hide the details of one of those cards for an extra layer of intrigue.As with Hearts, you're trying to avoid taking cards. However, in Heartburn, you have to balance that against taking at least one bad card - if you take no bad cards at all, you score nothing! On top of that, there is one good card in the game that you can try and capture, but be careful that your opponent doesn't drop the Queen on the same trick!

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