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Hedgehog in the Fog Live Wallpaper.Hedgehog in the Fog is a cute and cheeky live wallpaper that will have you making up dozens of stories. A hedgehog runs through the twilit fog, stopping briefly to look up at the sky before continuing on his way. Where is he going? What is he looking at? That's for you to imagine. Adjust the animation speed to suit your phone and tastes.The Live Wallpaper about Hedgehog in the Fog (Russian: Ёжик в тумане, Yozhik v tumane) is a 1975 Soviet animated film by Yuriy Norshteyn.On this day, the hedgehog decides to bring the bear cub some raspberry jam.The fog alternately thickens and thins; when it thins the hedgehog briefly catches vague sight of objects and creatures which disappear again as the fog thickens. Hedgehog finds himself in a surreal and often frightening world inhabited by shapes which are not always identifiable and various creatures ranging from dangerous predators to benevolent animals, in a world of silence and rustles, of darkness, tall grass and enchanting stars.The owl, which has been following the hedgehog, appears near him suddenly and hoots only to disappear again, prompting the Hedgehog to call it psycho (Russian: псих). He is frightened, but his curiosity keeps him exploring the unknown. Occasionally an unseen distant voice is heard calling out for Hedeghog. Hedgehog explores a large hollow tree, then panics as he realises he has dropped the raspberry jam he was carrying. He encounters a large dog, which is initially frightening to Hedgehog, until the dog retrieves the jam for him.Works for phones with live wallpaper feature. Not all handsets support the live wallpaper feature. If you find any bugs please do not hesitate to contact me at e-mail and I will take care of it ASAP.*Available for Nexus One, Prime, S, Droid, Milestone, Motorola, Xperia, Desire, Evo 3D, 4G, Samsung, Galaxy, HTC, Sony-Ericsson and other powerful devices*

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