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Hello Operator is an app designed to manage network/switchboard services provided by the operator, specifically regarding absence/DND (Do Not Disturb). The current version has built-in templates for the following operators (although everything is fully customizable):• Spring Mobil• Tele2 Mobila Växeln• Telenor One• Telia Centrex• Telia Jobbmobil• Others (customizable)Is your service missing? Let me know and I’ll include a template right away! Users have successfully configured and used the app with e.g. Aastra MX-One, BP, Trio Agent and Intelligate.NOTE! There will be a future release with more features aimed towards business users. For instance the ability to pre-configure and share your company’s settings to your users.The application provides a clean and simple interface to easily manage your DND-status. When applicable, you’ll be prompted for end time and/or date, after which the application places a phone call (or text-message) that sets your status. It can also show a notification icon (optional) to remind you of your current status.Call groups and other IVR/PBX functions can also be managed from within the application.Please do not hesitate to contact me regarding requests, feedback or bug-reports. I can not reply to comments on the Market, so please use the e-mail below or within the app.Want the app in your language? Contact me!

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