Hello Stranger


Type a short message and it will be sent to a completely random person to read. You will then receive a message from some other random person. You’ll never know where your message went, or who wrote the message you got back.Send anything you’d like. Make your messages funny, witty, scary, weird, or whatever. The stranger the better!If you post as Anonymous, there is no guarantee you won’t get your own message back. If you post with a name (any name) you won’t get yours back unless there are currently very few people using the app.Now you can also start a 1-on-1 chat or get random quotes from the internet.This app is NOT tablet friendly.No personal information is shared with other people using the app or even with us.* Having said that, don’t send personal information as messages (You don’t know who will be getting it).*****!Force Close Issue!There are reports of people getting force closes. If you get this please send an email with when it happened and what version of Android you are using.william@wswapps.com (Or use the contact below or post a review)*****Things on TODO List:* Random image exchange (I don’t trust you people though 😛 )

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