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Use your Android phone as your GPS Mobile tracker! @hellotracks is the only application that lets you share your live location, record your routes, navigate, communicate with your contacts and much more. @hellotracks tells you where people are in real-time by showing them on a live GPS map.View, analyze and share routes instantly. You can also follow the real-time location and track people in your network. @hellotracks is an all-in-one phone tracking app. Join the platform and connect with more people. @hellotracks is a location-based service that runs as a mobile app on Android phones and can be administered from a powerful web application or even more conveniently from the mobile app itself. Get @hellotracks, the best Mobile Android tracking phone app completely FREE!Real-time tracking • Find people in the same GPS map with the latest GPS technology. • Find out what’s going on, by knowing where is everybody and let your family and friends know everything is ok. Check out notifications and activities from your contacts.• Create places in your private GPS map and receive notifications and alerts when someone leaves or arrives to some place. • It is really simple to manage and boost your network; only the people in your network have Access to your real-time location.• Even customers and suppliers can be part of your network.Accurate Android Phone Tracker• Record your tracks and search or map new routes. No tracking and GPS navigation system is so complete. • Track your phone, tablet and people in your network. • Tracks are recorded and transmitted in real time, so you can follow from your Android phone or from the web application.• Your Android phone tracks, records and shares your routes accurately and automatically.• Re-route people in your network and reduce time and cost improvising your staff, family or friends routes.• @hellotracks records on movement every fifth second a new location. This is how we understand precision!• Analyze and share travel, sports and work tracks.• @hellotracks provides you with all the data to analyze routes: distance, speed, elevation, etc.LOCATION BASED COMMUNICATION• @hellotracks uses push technology. Send and receive direct messages from members of your team or even to the entire staff! Receive instantly messages although the mobile app may be closed. • Attach locations or addresses in order to direct people using Google Maps or Navigation.• Map your routes and get driving directions using the navigation feature. • Use the navigation feature, perfect to get somewhere fast.• Alert your network from any emergency using the panic button, your entire network with your exact location • Receive daily reports of all activities.Detailed information is available at:
www.hellotracks.comTelematics includes but is not limited to Global Positioning System technology integrated with computers and mobile communications technology in automotive navigation systems.Tags: Best phone tracking, mobile android phone tracker, mobile android app, Navigation system, Track Phone, Tracking Phone, Map Route, Phone tracker, Driving directions, Travel route, Android tracking, Real-time tracking, Trip planner, GPS maps, route planner, backtrack Find person, GPS Map, GPS Navigation, Tracking System, Mobile tracking, Route planning, Route finder, Cell phone tracking 250,000, Communication technology, Mobile tracker, Location Services, Tracking Device, Tracking app, Live map, Fleet services, GPS map, Transport planner, Family Safety, Live location, Panic Button, Transport route planner, Mobile Tracking System, Fleet solutions, Walking routes, geocaching, Track Website Network mapping, Excel reports, Daily report, Locating Services, vehicle, automobile, car, truck, bike, fleet management, staff management, hallo, driving, driver, mobile, sports, location, locating, positioning, telematics, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), workforce, field staff.

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