Henchman – Free Edition


Attention GMs: Henchman is your boon companion. Use it to roll dice, play sounds, & track info with the journal!*Note:If you have any issues with the app, please email me because I cannot reply directly to comments. The soundboard works perfectly on every device I’ve tested, as long as you follow these instructions. I don’t include sounds with the app A) to keep the size down and B) because each user is going to want custom sounds – that’s the point of the soundboard. I recommend www.freesound.org for great sound effects.To use the soundboard:1. Run Henchman at least once to create the ‘sdcard/media/henchman’ folder2. Using your favorite file browser app (I use EStrong’s), place ‘sound1.mp3’, ‘sound2.mp3’ –> ‘sound10.mp3’ in your sdcard/media/henchman folder. For ambient sound, name the files ‘ambient.mp3’ , ‘ambient2.mp3’ , ‘ambient3.mp3’ & ‘ambient4.mp3’ NOTE: You can also mount your device to a computer and drag ‘n drop the files into the correct folder.3. Your soundboard should work perfectly. If not, please email me at icarinestudios@gmail.com

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