Henry Rider Haggard Collection


This book contain collection of 9 books1. The Days of my Life: An autobiography of Sir H. Rider Haggard [1926]2. King Solomon’s Mines [1885]3. Allan Quatermain [1887]4. She[1887]5. Ayesha: The Return of She [1905]6. Eric Brighteyes [1891]7. The People of the Mist [1894]8. Dawn [1884]9. Cetywayo and his White Neighbours; Remarks on Recent Events in Zululand, Natal, and the Transvaal [1882]About the AuthorHenry Rider Haggard, 1856-1925Haggard is most famous as the author of the novels King Solomon’s Mines and its sequel Allan Quatermain, and She and its sequel Ayesha, swashbuckling adventure novels set in the context of the Scramble for Africa (the action of Ayesha however happens in Tibet). He is also remembered for Nada the Lily (a tale of adventure among the Zulus) and the epic Viking romance, Eric Brighteyes.While his novels portray many of the stereotypes associated with colonialism, they are unusual for the degree of sympathy with which the native populations are portrayed. Africans often play heroic roles in the novels, although the protagonists are typically, though not invariably, European.Three of his novels were written in collaboration with his friend Andrew Lang who shared his interest in the spiritual realm and paranormal phenomena.

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