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Important Note: This app is intended to be a Test version and the HETGroup does not operate as a place of higher education. We are a software developer of ERP administrative applications used by our member institutions within the HETGroup consortium of colleges and universities. As such, this application accesses a test database and not a production environment.*** This native application has been superceded by a mobile web site for the student. This native application is no longer supported and will be removed shortly. ***The HETGroup Mobile Student application delivers content, services, functions, and features that allow you to access and interact with the HETGroup environment from your Android smartphone. The application gives you on-demand access to open classes, campus maps, student grades and class schedules, as well as Student Life sites for activities and social networking.To access student specific data, you must login with your Student Id and Password. Other functions are publicly available to all users.ClassesMembers of the HETGroup community and the general public can browse and review a full selection of available class offerings that match your search criteria. Only looking for specific classes on a specific campus? Looking for classes that are taught by your favorite instructor? No problem! Quickly and easily check class availability, description, location, and times.WebsiteDirectly navigate to the main web site for HETGroup.MapsView campus locations. Search, pan, and zoom in and out on campuses. Find your exact location in relation to the campuses.Student LifeA one stop shop to many of the social networking and campus activities that a student lives and breathes. College news, events, athletics, library, and bookstore access are included, as are social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.GradesLogin to view your class grades and GPA information from any term.ScheduleLogin to view your class schedule for any term. Class locations and times allow you to better plan your day. Need HelpGet needed information and contact details for any further questions you may have.

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