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CategoryBrain & Puzzle
DeveloperBlade Games
Added4 years ago
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Google Rating3.8
by On February 6, 2011
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Long ago there was a powerful king ruling a far-reaching Hex Kingdom. People were happy and rich. But the good times ended with his death. After many years prosperous kingdom was changed to an endless battlefield. Barons, princes and other self-titled rulers begun fighting with themselves for power. You can't just stand and watch...Recruit your army, collect gold and defeat all the opponents by burning their castles! The Kingdom awaits you!This is a demo version of a turn-based strategy game - Hex Kingdom. Full version with dozens of maps will be available on Android Market soon.Special thanks to Reiner “Tiles” Prokein for a wonderful set of animated sprites. Also thanks to the following Open Game Art users: Blarumyrran (for castle sprite), bart (for unit join animation), Clint Bellanger (for selected unit animation), Lamoot (for user interface elements). Backrounds were made using photos from the following users of stock.xchng: abarrio (armor photo), andreyutzu (old style paper) and kovik (old gate photo).

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