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The Hexagon Election Campaign GameSpend money to win elections: The game world is made up of hexagonal areas. An area can be empty or belong to either one of the RED or the BLUE party. Each party can spend money (hexabucks) on hexagons to influence them. The computer announces how many hexabucks can be spent in the next round. The player chooses on which hexagon he or she wants to spend them. (a) On an empty hexagon, the value of this hexagon will be the sum of hexabucks spent. The campaign will influence each of the up to six neighboring hexagons: (a1) if empty, it will be converted to the color of the player, with a value of 1(a2) if of the same color as the player, it will increase its value by 1(a3) if of the opposite color, will decrease its value by 1. If this would result in a zero value, it will be converted to the player's color instead. (b) On a Hexagon of the player's color, this hexagon's value will be increased by the amount spent. This will not influence neighboring hexagons.(c) On a Hexagon of the opposite color, this hexagon's value will be decreased by the amount spent. If the resultis negative, the hexagon is converted to the player's color. In this case, the move will influence neighboring hexagon as if it was empty. The game is over when: (a) No empty hexagons are left. (b) 60 Rounds are played.(whatever comes first)\n\nHave fun!

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