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Hexagon Face Pong Breaker

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by On March 27, 2013
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Hexagon Face Pong BreakerAre you tired of arkanoid, pong, or PuyoPuyo clones? Then try this game. Drag your finger or tilt the device for rotating the polygon. Get the pow item and break the face of the polygon. Break all but one face to move on to the next level. If you really want a challenge try to activate accelerometer controls and rotate the polygon with the tilt of your device. *** Highlights of Hexagon Face Pong Breaker:- Endless levels with two different game modes.-  Tilt and touch controls.- 2 modes X 2 controls  = 4 different ways of playing!!- Global Highscores*** Characteristics of Hexagon Face Pong Breaker:- Touch control: drag your finger to rotate the polygon.- Tilt control: tilt the device sideways to rotate the polygon.-Marathon and Arcade mode. -Polygon thickness: only increases in the arcade mode.- Face number: as the level goes up the face number of the polygon does it too in both modes.- Pow item: get the and instead of bouncing the ball will break a face. Coreup- Scoreup item: extra points for the score.BREAK'EM ALL

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