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Hip Hop Dance w/ Harlem Shake!

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Learn from the largest video library of popular dance moves in the app store, including the original Harlem Shake, all shot in stunning HD! If you have ever wanted to freestyle in the club like an expert hip hop dancer, this is the app for you! And even though we're convinced this app is the best way to learn hip hop dance, we're constantly trying to improve. So if you run into any issues while using this or any of our other apps, please let us know by emailing With this app, you'll be able to: • Impress your friends by doing the Dougie, Jerk and Cat Daddy • Build the confidence to be first on the dance floor • Lose weight while getting fit But wait, there's more! • Save money and learn at your own pace • Typical hip hop dance DVDs cost up to $40 • Average hour-long hip hop dance classes cost $14 And even more! • Add unique flavor and flair to develop your own style of hip hop • Get instruction from a nationally-known hip hop dancer • Each dance comes with a video guide and text instructions • Learn basic dance terminology Each high-quality video lesson is hosted by Brice "Professor Lock" Johnson, who has appeared on "So You Think You Can Dance" and also founded DanceTouch Collective, a group that teaches dance and tours the United States. With lessons on today's hottest dance moves and old school favorites, the Professor will indubitably put the funk in your step. Master over 50 hip hop moves, variations and combinations, including: • City Boy Dance • The Shamrock • Happy Feet • Pick It Up and Chuck It • Thunder Clap • The Wop Dance • Stick and Roll It • Snap Dance • The Prep Dance • Crazy Legs • Funky Guitar • Cabbage Patch • Butterfly Dance • Funky Chicken • Pepper Seed • Reebok Dance • Watergate Dance And even more dances! • The Steve Martin • The Biz Markie • The Bernie Dance • Roger Rabbit • SpongeBob • Bart Simpson • Robocop • Smurf Dance • The Susie Q • The Toy Man • The Old Man • The Monastery • The Brooklyn • Funky Broadway • Harlem Shake • The Two Step • Running Man • Egyptian Twist • Master Flex And be on the lookout for more moves and combinations from Mahalo as your skills advance.Get ready for some hip hop moves and funky grooves!

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