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Just keep holding the monster as long as you can!Competite the record with world wide people.Hold the Monster (HTM) is…This is a simple game that you push the monster on the screen and keep holding it.It helps you can get endurance. (maybe or not. :D)FeaturesYou can challenge other users all around the world by simply holding the monster as long as you could.Real-time world ranking is displayed on your game screen to increase tension between users.*Real-time ranking requires 3G or WiFi connection.Play the game to entertain yourself in your free time with HTM.How to playThe game is so easy and simple.1. Choose difficulty between normal and hard mode.2. Touch the monster and keep holding.3. The game will be terminated when you release the monster.DifficultyNormal modeThe monster is big enough to switch the finger while you are playing.Even if you release the monster or receive a incoming call or a push message during the game, you can still continue playing.Push [restart] button to restart the game.Hard modeThe monster becomes smaller. you can hardly switch your finger.The game will be over when you receive a call or a push. No Mercy! Record CompetitionCheck your local history on [Highscore] menuIn [RanKing], you can check the World (or your country) top 20 records.Change nickname and country in [Account]. your default nickname is Player99999.*Online ranking requires 3G or WiFi connection.If you were offline (such as airplane mode), your record would still be saved in your local database and it will be automatically updated in online ranking when connected.Hold the Monster website : http://CEnA.co.kr/HoldTheMonsterHold the Monster support : http://CEnA.co.kr/?mid=support&category=20882

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