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You know what? New Ringtone is, now, not only a ringtone manager; it provides ringtones of current fashion as well. The way you get the ringtones is keep your New Ringtone updated. New Ringtone will update every 7 to 10 days. Each update, we’ll provide 4 to 7 fashion ringtones together with the apk. And Attention Please. The newly updated ringtone cannot be deleted. You can only remove it by updating a new version or uninstall New Ringtone. Don’t worry about it. It is only 4 to 7 mp3 files.New Ringtone Christmas is a special edition of New Ringtone for Christmas Day. This edition is beautifully designed with Christmas factors. As Christmas is coming, using the coresponding theme will bring you different mood and good luck. Merry Christmas!A new concept ringtone manager. It helps to discover your ringtones, show them in (or hide them from) your alarm list, notification list, phone ringtone list and music list. You can easily sign custom ringtone to contacts or set them as default. More surprising, you can edit the music on your own and cut the most exciting part as a ringtone.Q: Do I need thousands of free ringtones? And do I really need to classify them all?A: No, of course not! No one would like to use that much ringtones and no one changes ringtones every 10 minutes. Statistics of a recent research show that only 3 to 7 pieces of music for our ringtones is enough.PS: New Ringtone suggests you not keep thousands of music in your phone, but get the needed ones.Q: The main problem of managing ringtones is downloading, isn’t it?A: No, absolutely not! Downloading your favorite music for free is not difficult at all. The real problem is using only the piece you need. The music you like, a song for example, is always long to 3 or 5 minutes. And most of you will agree that the beginning is not likely proper for the ringtone. Sometimes, the most exciting part is the preference. If you can only download the music but cannot cut the part you need as the ringtone, it won’t really help.PS: New Ringtone allows you to cut your favorite part from the whole music as a independent media file. Thus, it can be used as ringtone more effectively.Q: Coming phone ringtones, alarm ringtones, notification ringtones and my music list … Oh my God! It’s all a mess!A: Yes, it happens that you’d like the music in your notification ringtone list to be your coming phone ringtone, but it’s not in the phone ringtone list. This is because there is a database that manage these ringtone lists with different columns. Only by changing the values of these columns, can you see the music in these lists.PS: New Ringtone manages all these lists for you. Using New Ringtone, you can not only changes your phone ringtone, your alarm ringtone, notification ringtone, and music play list; but show and hide music from these lists as well. No wonder, you can sign your special ringtones to different contacts with New Ringtone as any other ringtone softwares.Tag: ringtone, alarm, notification, music, sound, manager

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