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alSudais Free Abdul Rahman alSudais Holy Quran:Ph.D. Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais born Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1960 he is the imam of the Grand mosque in Mecca,Saudi Arabia, he has received his Ph.D. in Islamic Sharia from Umm al-Qura University in 1995.Hloy Quran – Abdelrahman SodesHoly Quran Applications features:Ability to download any song so you can here it offline.add any song to favourite list.Share songs via Facebook, Twiter, Bluetooth , Email, Whatsup or any social media.Resume playing from last active session.Repeat songs multiple time.speed access to media files from notification bar.Stop playing when somebody call you.Listen to the Songs in background.Auto Shuffle between tracks.Auto advance to the next Sura.Holy Quran – sheikh abdulrahman alsodesIslamic MP3 – Muslim Quran – Islam Suraholy quran – Abdul Rahman alSudais included (Islamic Quran):Surah AlFatihahSurah AlBaqarah Surah Al’ImranSurah AnNisaSurah AlMa’idahSurah AlAn’amSurah AlA’rafSurah AlAnfalSurah AtTaubahSurah YunusSurah HudSurah YusufSurah ArRa’dSurah IbrahimSurah AlHijrSurah AnNahlSurah AlIsra’Surah AlKahfSurah MaryamSurah TaHaSurah AlAnbiya’Surah AlHajjSurah AlMu’minunSurah AnNurSurah AlFurqanSurah AshShu’ara’Surah AnNamlSurah AlQasasSurah AlAnkabutSurah ArRumSurah LuqmanSurah AsSajdahSurah AlAhzabSurah Saba’Surah FatirSurah YaSinSurah AsSaffatSurah SadSurah AzZumarSurah GhafirSurah FussilatSurah AshShuraSurah AzZukhrufSurah AdDukhanSurah AlJathiyahSurah AlAhqafSurah MuhammadSurah AlFathSurah AlHujuratSurah QafSurah AdhDhariyatSurah AtTurSurah AnNajmSurah QamarSurah ArRahmanSurah AlWaqi’ahSurah AlHadidSurah AlMujadilahSurah AlHashrSurah AlMumtahanahSurah AsSaffSurah AlJumu’ahSurah AlMunafiqunSurah AtTaghabunSurah AtTalaqSurah AtTahrimSurah AlMulkSurah AlQalamSurah AlHaqqahSurah AlMa’arijSurah NuhSurah AlJinnSurah AlMuzzammilSurah AlMuddaththirSurah AlQiyamahSurah AlInsanSurah AlMursalatSurah AnNaba’Surah AnNazi’atSurah AbasaSurah AtTakwirSurah AlInfitarSurah AlMutaffifinSurah AlInshiqaqSurah AlBurujSurah AtTariqSurah AlA’laSurah AlGhashiyahSurah AlFajrSurah AlBaladSurah AshShamsSurah AlLailSurah AdDuhaSurah AshSharhSurah AtTinSurah AlAlaqSurah AlQadrSurah AlBayyinahSurah AzZalzalahSurahAlAadiyatSurah AlQari’ahSurah AtTakathurSurah AlAsrSurah AlHumazahSurah AlFilSurah QuraishSurah AlMa’unSurah AlKautharSurah AlKafirunSurah AnNasrSurah AlMasadSurah AlIkhlasSurah AlFalaqSurah AnNasHoly Quran – Quran Abdelrahman sudais or sodaisAbdelrahman Sodes – sodaisOther Holy Quran Reciters applications: holy Quran Maher Almoaekly – Quran Abd Albaset Abd Alsamad Idrees Abkar – Maher zain – Quran Mishary Al Afasy – Quran Ahmad Alajamy – quraan Shourem – quran shatery – Fares Abbad – Sami Yusuf- Menshaoui – yasser al dousri – Zaki Naik – Yusuf Islam – Muslim Songs – Islamic Quraan – indonesian Quran – Kid Reciters – USA – Saudi ArabiaWe hope that we have been successful in providing useful content.Looking forward to hearing your Criticism and Opinions

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