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Experience anadvanced security system at an affordable low price.CamWatchdog is a security system using smartphone and webcam.You can remotely monitor multiple locations whenever and wherever you wish. You can record video and capture screenshots. All screenshots and video are timestamped. Automaticmotion detecting feature enables you to detect an illegal entry in real time.You will be immediately notified via your smartphone.When you receive a trespasser alarm, you can remotely activate a built-in siren or customizable warning voice on your PC. You can also setup emergency contacts to inform them of an emergency with a single touch.PCReal-Time View is available as a free benefit, allowing you to watch remote locations from another PC. PC software installation is required. Currently, server-side software can only be installed on Windows based system. Please visit http://www.camwatchdog.com to download PC software or for more detailed information.streaming,Webcam, CamWatchDog, CCTV, IP Camera, Home security, Surveillance, Spy camera

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