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Here is new style home widget launcher Selection!.Load just 1 widget at your home screen, you can get beautifuldigital clock, google weather, network status, soft screenoffand small launcher.Each item(clock,favorite launcher and main links) have 3 themesand easy to change on setting screen.Features:- Include 4x4 size only.- Digital Clock (3 colors)- Analog Clock (2 style)- Digital Text Clock (Color changeable)- Main links Browser, Theme Setting, Weather and Favorite toggle. (3 style theme include) - Simple goole weather(3 days fore cast)- Small 12 favorite application launcher, you can change the links to other program. (3 style icon skins include)- Soft screenoff- Network status indicators. (Each icons link to setting programs)- Landscape screen included- Support English and Korean language.Add widget:1)Remove all widget and links on 1 page of your home.2)Hole on your homescreen3)Select "Widgets"4)Find "SFHome Widget Selection04"5)Click on it6)The widget will appear in your homescreen!**Note**- Home screen grid must 4x4 or large.- In case 4x5, 5x5 size, you can expand the widget.Button Actions:1. LeftTop Selection: Run widget setting program2. LeftBottom Browser: Run Browser 3. RightBottom Favorite : Toggle favorite view4. RightTop Weather Icon : Toggle forecast view Text of Weather Condition : Weather update manually5. Center Clock : Run Clock/Alarm program6. CenterBottom Power : Run softScreenoff7. CenterTop Wifi : Run setting Wifi8. CenterTop Bluetooth : Run setting Bluetooth9. CenterTop GPS : Run setting GPS10. Center of Application view : Toggle App1/App2Setting:1. Change Theme- Click selection icon on topleft side.- Select main icon style- Select clock color- Select favorite icon style2. Weather Setting- Click selection icon on topleft side.- Click Search Location- Enter city name and click "Find" button.- If the laocation found, then click "Save" button- Select update period- Select temperature unit3. Change favorite links- Click selection icon on topleft side.- Click Change application links- Select icons that you want to change- Select application that you want to use- Icon and name is changed to your selection. (program icons used. you can't change custom icons)- Back to the home screen** Note **Main links can change link only.You can't use program icons for them. Note:- Please exclude the widget from any task killers.- Weather update is needed maualy when reboot phone(just one time)- ScreenOff and On requred to refresh screen when home grid size change(just one time)- When widget first loading, program find the programs on the phone for favorite. If there is no programs, it appear "No App". You can change new program that you have.

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