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Have you ever wished that you could impress that hottie you like by showing her how you can amazingly shrink things? Well, wish no more because now you can!Thanks to super-secret alien technology discovered on the planet Zurkon, you too can harness the power of alien shrinking rays on your Android device! Simply point your camera looking down at any building, bridge or ginormous national monument and magically shrink it down to model-size! FEEL THE POWER! Impress the ladies! Hold other countries' national monuments for ransom! The possibilities are endless!Now, you don't have to spend $2500 on a tilt-shift lens or travel to the planet Zurkon to harness this AWESOME SHRINKING POWER! Just download the, "Honey, I Shrunk The Earth!" app and start shrinking all those measly humans' buildings until they surrender (or offer you free beer so they can try your app too!).During this special introductory period, this app is FREE! That's right, the first 500 downloads are free!For best results, find a "bird's eye view" of the landscape, buildings or objects you want to shrink.This is an AIR for Android app. If it doesn't work right on your phone, BE A SMART EARTHLING and send me an email and/or leave what model phone you have in the comments. But, please don't just leave a 1-star rating and rant that it doesn't work. I can help you but you have to help me help you! :)*PS: No Zurkonians were harmed in the making of this app. :)------------------STANDARD FEATURES:-Creates 3 copies of the image and applies a progressively expanding alpha mask to each image.-Each copy is then blurred and composited on top of the original image.-You can control the amount of blur on each layer in the SETTINGS screen (4 levels).-You can control the sampling quality of the blur (15 levels).-Most miniature models are painted with bright modeling paint, so you can enhance the saturation effect to your image to simulate the look of a miniature model (25 levels).-You can save the image at full screen 800x480 resolution to your phone. 1080p (large enough to use as wallpaper) version coming soon!UPDATE:Hi Erik, I'm sorry that you feel like my sample images were not created with my app but I *assure you* that they indeed were created with my app. Remember, it works best if you have a bird's eye view of the subject. To make my sample images, I just googled some images with bird's eye views and shot my monitor. Here are some of the images I used, pull them up on your monitor and shoot your screen: that helps! :)

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