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Honeycomb meets Launcher Pro Plus WidgetsCheck Out my Slate Green for LauncherPro + ThemeREAD BELOW FOR SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS!I would like to thank FPineda for figuring out that MDPI and some other devices need to be rebooted one widget at a time or else Force Close loops will occur. It worked that way for him so it might work or not for others with other devices. Please comment on if it worked after rebooting after applying each widget one at a time even if you are running an HDPI device. There will probably be less updates now that there is a fix.Would like to thank Matt for helping me fix issues with theme parts not showing up on screens with different DPI.If stuck in a force close loop, in between pressing force close press the search key and type in either settings or market then launch either one to uninstall LPP or the Skin/Theme which will stop the loop.Saying Force Close doesn't help; Please state your phone, android version, and rom (if rooted).Log if you get a force close after installing update v2.2.9 (use aLogCat Free in Market)If you still have issues please Log it for me. All of the LogCats I have recieved have been great help to me and I would like to thank those that have taken the time to run a Log.Here's how to do a log:Download “aLogcat” from the Market (it’s free)Next time you get a force-close, immediately open aLogCat.Inside aLogcat, hit Menu > Presferences > Level > Error.Now choose Menu > Save Log. The log will be saved to your SD card.Copy the log from your SD card and either report the log or email me the logHere is a link for the icons and dock I whipped up in the screenshots: Instructions:-Update or Install Launcher Pro to v0.8.5 in the Android Market-Make sure you have Launcher Pro Plus w/ Widgets-Press menu > Preferences > LP Widget Settings > Widget you want to theme > Select Skin > Restart after each Widget (it helped with force close issues)-If you didn't restart after applying Skin to each widget, restart under preferences menu.All widgets are Themed

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