Horror Soundscapes


An app designed with independent filmmakers in mind, HORROR SOUNDSCAPES is a unique compilation of 10 brilliantly composed horror soundtracks. Not limited to use by filmmakers, any audiophile that appreciates the mood created by a perfectly presented scary background composition will enjoy HORROR SOUNDSCAPES as well.Every audio track in HORROR SOUNDSCAPES is royalty free. With an easy to use interface, each selection is ready to use. Please visit our “ABOUT” page to learn all about the Creative Common Licensing. There is also detailed information about the music presented by HORROR SOUNDSCAPES.Music is a time tested means of creating a specific mood in the movie industry. Now, the independent filmmaker can use any of HORROR SOUNDSCAPES tracks to enhance the viewer’s experience.There are many uses for HORROR SOUNDSCAPES, including but not limited to:Testing for independent & short filmsFinal music tracks for independent & short filmsBackground music and sound effects for game development (Zombies, anyone?)Theme Parties (vampire, zombie, mummy or any creepy party!)Halloween activities (greet your trick-or-treaters with the best mood music available today!)Pre-movie warm-up (have a group over prior to going to a horror flick)♫♫ CUSTOMER REVIEWS ♫♫ “Each track from HORROR SOUNDSCAPES is so amazing, it’s easy to imagine any one of them used in a horror film.”“I’ve used several of the tracks from HORROR SOUNDSCAPES as background music not only because they’re sick, but because they’re so amazing and professional!”

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