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How To Groom Your Dog

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PLEASE NOTE: There is an error in the description size of this app. It is actually 6.7MB, NOT 13.58MB. This app isn't for groomers, it is for the average dog owner and gives advise on easy care haircuts, not "Show" cuts. I know how tight money is right now and I see how matted and uncomfortable a lot of dogs are, that's why I created this. I hope it helps you either groom by yourself, or at least stretch out the time in between grooming visits. I am a professional groomer, not a computer or app person, so I had a lot of help with that part. This is a very large file due to the high resolution of pix and videos. This app wouldn't help you much if the images were too fuzzy to see. We tried very hard to make the file smaller, but this is the best we could do. I have downloaded a lot of apps and I know what a tough audience is out there, PLEASE remember this is a large app and I wanted to give quality for the money (and I didn't want anyone yelling at me, lol), so make sure you know if you have enough room on your phone.The videos can be watched with the flash player or you can download them. I tried to write the app based on the questions I was most asked in my shop. This isn't a "pretty or fancy" app, but I hope there is something that helps you save some money and maybe make grooming your dog easier. If you have something you would like me to add, please write me and I will do my best. Thanks.

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