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Your personal and business happiness monitor. Now for free! In 3 simple steps you can start tracking your happiness levels and your team’s. Additionally, get valuable feedback on what bothered people or what would make them happier. Bonus: a daily inspirational quote and image to make you happier.Main features:1.Hppy keeps track of the most important metric in your business: employee happiness.2.Visual history of happiness levels.3.Data is securely saved in the cloud, using your Hppy account. 4.Automated reports for community owners5.Valuable feedback tools built having a great user experience in mind.6.Daily quotes and images to keep community members using the app and inspire them to be better.You can efficiently use it for:1.Yourself. Not necessary to invite other people to use it.2.Small teams.3.Company-wide.4.NGOs (such as student NGOs)5.Classrooms6.Product/service oriented communitiesAvailable platforms: Android, iOS (March 1st), Windows 8 (March 1st) and Web (April 1st).Road map plans: multiple communities, advanced settings (follow up questions, feelings, offline support and so on). Keep your app updated or subscribe to updates on Hppy’s website ( http://www.gethppy.com ) to stay up to date with what we’ll be releasing the following months.

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