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Human Senses: Human Senses are parts of our body which help us to get information about the surroundings. It's a valuable exercise for it teaches you about human senses like Ear, Eye, Tongue, Skin, and Nose. It deals with the architecture, function, common ailments and their remedies in multiple choice question answer form based on each of these organs. You can learn about human senses and test their understanding by taking quiz. At the end of quiz the user is presented with test summery for each test question. Human Senses can help you to understand the working of various sensory organs and the remedies when they malfunction. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PREPARE BY TOPICS:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You can study the human senses by topic. All questions are sorted by topic. It also tells you the areas that each topic covers. * Throat * Ear * Eye * Nose * Skin * Tongue~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MIXED TEST MODE:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In mixed test questions are presented randomly selected from all the topics. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~DETAILED TEST RESULTS:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~A summary of the practice test is presented at the end of each test. It shows you the score, which questions you answered correctly and where you were wrong. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PROGRESS METER:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The app records your progress as you start giving practice tests.It shows you a beautiful bar chart so that you can track your weak areas and give more focus on them.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FEATURE LIST:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~• 5 topics with over 250 multiple- choice questions.• Over 250 Test Questions.• Choose number of questions you would like in each test.• Shows test results in HTML format.• Track your progress.• A new module, “Progress Meter” keeps track of how you are performing in a particular topic• Special algorithm that randomizes questions every time you take a test.

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