Human Slingshot 3D


The human slingshot 3D is an exciting and test the skills of the game,The protagonist need to use a large slingshot bomb to a safe target,If you accidentally miss the target,But will pay a painful price Oh!The human slingshot 3D particular, to strengthen the effect of the death of,Players can test their skills,The pressure can also be used as a vent game! Angry catapult shot throw like catapult Swing shot——————————————————————————————————————Chi-Chi Games★ Knife King2-Shoot Boss 3D ★Throwing Knife King 3DTightRope Walker 3DSmash Fruit 3DCar Parking Experts 3DFire Electric Pen 3DTilt Labyrinth:Ball Maze3DBeer Pushing Game 3DSewer Rat Run! 3DUrban Wakeboarding 3DHuman Slingshot 3D

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