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The HVAC Duct Sizer app is the #1 selling duct sizing application for the Android OS. Thousands of users have downloaded this useful application for performing quick and simple duct sizing analysis.The Duct Sizer application allows you to quickly size one HVAC duct run using the constant friction method. Think of this application as a digital version of the classic Trane Ductulator. In the "Size by Airflow" mode, you can specify the total airflow in CFM (or L/s), the aspect ratio and one of either the velocity of air or the friction loss per 100 feet (30 meters). The results include both the exact and rounded height and width (or diameter) dimensions, the equivalent diameter (for rectangular and oval duct) and the calculated velocity and friction loss. In the "Size by Dimensions" mode, you can analyze an existing duct system. There are options to input the existing duct dimensions and one of either the airflow or velocity values to derive the calculated duct friction loss. You can specify additional parameters such as the duct shape (rectangular, round, or oval), the duct material type (10+ duct material items), duct roughness, the air temperature and the air pressure. You can also choose to display values in either English (IP) or Metric (SI) units.This application uses slider controls that allow you to quickly increment or decrement the input values and immediately observe the calculated results.In addition, you can email all inputs and results to any email address. The "HVAC Duct Sizer" application was designed by Carmel Software Corporation, a leader in HVAC design software since 1995. In fact, Autodesk (the makers of AutoCAD) acquired our load calculation software and incorporated it into their leading 3D modeling software called Revit. We currently offer 35+ apps for the iPhone and Android. In addition, we developed the ASHRAE 62.1 ventilation and Duct Fitting Database iPhone apps that are currently sold by ASHRAE, Inc.REGARDING COMMENTS BELOW:1. WE’VE ADDED THE FLEXIBLE DUCT, HELIX CORE DUCT MATERIAL TYPE TO THE DATABASE2. THE LATEST UPDATE HAS BEEN TESTED ON A VARIETY OF ANDROID SCREEN SIZES INCLUDING ANDROID PHONE/TABLET. IT IS MUCH EASIER TO USE THE SLIDER CONTROLS NOW.3. THE COMMENT BELOW ABOUT INCORRECT CALCULATIONS: IN FACT, THE CALCULATIONS ARE 100% CORRECT. WE HAVE COMPARED IT AGAINST A STANDARD DUCTULATOR AND ALSO OTHER DESKTOP SOFTWARE CALCULATORS. EVERYTHING IS CALCULATING CORRECTLY. PLEASE EMAIL US AT INFO@CARMELSOFT.COM IF YOU HAVE ANY HESITATIONS.

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