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HEALING YOUR BODY WITH THE POWER OF YOUR MIND Hypnohealing is a program designed to help you harness the amazing healing power of your mind. This HEALING SUCCESS PROGRAM involves learning to experience the restorative power of deep physiological relaxation, understanding the messages from your body, and removing the barriers to your natural healing process. Hypnohealing also includes a bonus program designed to increase your immunity once you are healthy — HYPNOIMMUNITY (THIS PROGRAM!)Highlights: • HypnoHealing o Make your current treatment more effective. o Help to remove side effects. o Learn from your illness–what does it have to teach you? o What is your body telling you? o Tap into the healing power of the mind. o Realize the beneficial health effects of deep physiological relaxation. o Learn to listen to the signals of your body. o Learn to make your body more immune to disease. o Change unhealthy self-talk. • HypnoImmunity o Practice removing doubt and increasing hope and new possibilities for positive change. o Learn creative exercises to stimulate the powers of the subconscious mind and uncover your healing imagery. o Discover your blocks to healing. o Open your mind and your body to new possibilities and HOPE. The HypnoHealing Audio program is listed below:• INTRODUCTION • HYPNO-IMMUNITY • AFTERNOON A • AFTERNOON B • EVENING A • EVENING B • AFTERNOON A • AFTERNOON B Let the power of your own mind help solve many of life’s aliments. Mind-over-matter has been shown for centuries to create the miracles that still amaze modern medicine! Follow this easy program of self-hypnosis to a goal only your mind can allow. All you need is a smartphone app player with headphones … a quiet place to sit and listen to the program. Let your body relax and put your mind to go to work. You will be totally relaxed after each session and the power of your minds healing power will be unleashed upon your body.

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