I Ching (The Book of Change)


Title: I Ching — The Magical Ancient Chinese Divination (the Book of Changes)Producer: Master Miao You (Graduated in U.S.A with a Master Degree, M.Sc.) Attention Dear Customers: This software is free for you to use. We only depend on the little income from the advertisement (ads) of this software to support the further development and maintenance of this software. Hence, the only requirement is that you need to watch the advertisement (Ads) displayed on the top or bottom of the screen in this software only one time per day, and watch Ads up to 10 days. Please note that you need to click through to the advertisement screen. If you agree with this term, you can download and free to use it. If you keep your promise, all fortune and luck will be with you all the time.Users can divine the following 13 categories: 1. Luck 2. Wish 3. Love 4. Marriage 5. Family 6. Health 7. Disease 8. Business 9. Investment 10. Job-hunting 11. Entrepreneurship 12. Study 13. DisputeNone of the people, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, doesn

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