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The ultimate I Declare War or War Card game. Now with multiplayer, you can play one other person onlineThis isn’t your typical mindless "I Declare War" or "War" card game. Instead of just picking the card at the top of your deck, you have to strategize and pick from three cards in your deck. Putting down the highest card is not always the best thing to do.Your cards are in the slots at top the AI’s cards along the bottom. If you select a card with the same face value as the AI, you will enter "I De-Clare War" mode, where the fourth card (War slot) laid down in your slot determines who wins all the cards that are currently displayed.If "I De-Clare War" mode ends in a tie the all the cards are placed back in the player’s hand and it is reshuffled.*Images are from the paid version*This app is ad supported. Help your Android developers improve their apps by providing feedback and if on a ad supported version occasionally clicking ads.

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