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~ Job site verification system, Change Orders, Photographic documentation and Signed documentation system. ~ Need added legal protection in the field ? ~ Get instant verification on Change Orders, Disclaimers, Project Timeline, Photographic documentation etc. directly on your phone. ~ Need to create customized documents in the field? ~ Get signatures on documents in the field? ~ Eliminate verbal change orders iConfirm is the Answer. iConfirm was created to help the mobile workforce get instant verification in the field. The iConfirm service allows a building professional to:1) Create and sign change orders directly on your phone. 2) Get instant verification on the critical path (time line) of a job.3) Get material verification signed off directly on your phone. 4) Create your own custom document to be signed by contractor,sub-contractor, or client. 5) Live sync your documents between the app and our secure server.6) Documents are legally binding. 7) Sign Documents with your finger directly on your phone.8) Attach photos directly to documents from users phone. 9) Add you company Logo to documents.10) After the signature process has been completed, All parties are email a PDF copy of the iConfirm document.Testimonial"As a General contractor I often find that the majority of my problems come with Change Orders that take place in the field. I can't count the number of times I have had verbal agreements with homeowners, gone ahead and preformed the work that we had agreed upon, only to have the homeowner start negotiating with me after the work has been completed. I have also had one or two times where the homeowner has flat out stiffed me on verbal contracts. iConfirm solves this issue for me. I now simply type in the desired changes into the iConfirm app. the amount that the change will cost and the length of time the change will take. iConfirm then turns this information into a standard change order format and allows me to get a signature from the homeowner directly on my phone. It then emails the clients and myself a copy of the signed change order in PDF format.This app. is a life saver!!!!" - Mike Hallroan - Hallroan & Powers Construction Inc. $7.99 per month for iConfirm, or $350 an hour to the law offices of Dewey, Cheatum and Howe.The Choice is clear.iConfirm- Don’t Just say it, Sign it.

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