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The iCycleBeads app enables a woman to plan or prevent pregnancy easily and effectively by tracking her periods and identifying her fertile and non-fertile days. It is the only Android app in the world based on the patented Standard Days Method®, a modern natural family planning method that has been researched extensively in large-scale clinical trials. iCycleBeads is a new way to use this effective, side-effect free, easy to use, and educational family planning method. The app features the visual tool CycleBeads which has been used by millions of women worldwide to help them track their cycles and use this method correctly either as birth control or to plan a pregnancy.To use iCycleBeads, a user simply confirms that her cycles are in the 26-32 day range required for correct use of this family planning method**. She then inputs the date her most recent period started. The app immediately lets her know what day she is on in her cycle, and whether she is on a fertile day or an infertile day as determined by the Standard Days Method of family planning. She can then use this information to either plan or avoid a pregnancy. This information is provided in both a calendar format and in a visual representation of CycleBeads. Key features include:• Individualized visual representations of a user’s cycle based on the start date of her period in both calendar and CycleBeads formats• Customizable alerts notifying a user when she is in her fertile window, when her fertile window is ending, and when she is likely to start her next period • An alert reminding a user to input her period start date• An alert notifying the user when she has had a cycle outside the range of 26-32 days long• A notes feature which allows a woman to track key information that she may want to discuss with her health provider• Ongoing cycle data history that allows a user to easily see the start dates of her previous cycles as well as her cycle lengthsFor more information on the clinical studies behind this family planning method, see the efficacy report published in “Contraception” at: will be updating iCycleBeads regularly. Please send us any feedback or requests for improvements to is protected under patent.Sidenote:iCycleBeads is based on a modern calendar-based family planning method. Many people confuse calendar-based family planning methods in general with the “rhythm method”. This is incorrect. The “rhythm method” is vaguely understood, not well defined, confusing to use, and largely untested. On the contrary, iCycleBeads is based on a family planning method that is thoroughly researched, clearly defined, easy to use, easy to teach, and highly effective. According to efficacy information provided in the medical guidebook “Contraceptive Technology”, the Standard Days Method, the method on which CycleBeads is based, is as effective or more effective, than other commonly used non-hormonal user-directed methods (e.g. condoms) and is the most effective natural family planning option available in terms of typical use. Sources: * Arevalo M. et al., Contraception, 2002;65;333-338.** According to data from the World Health Organization and analyzed by researchers at Georgetown University, approximately 80% of cycles are in the 26-32 day range.

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