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You can now prepare passport photos by your Android phone with a few steps.This application allows you creating passport photos with your specified width and height.You could select the photo from your gallery or take a photo from camera directly and then further cut out the desired image by dragging a rectangle. Output paper sizes of 4R, 3R, or A6 are supported.A Send option allows sending the generated picture via email/messaging/bluetooth.APP2SD is supported.Version History:Version 2.8 – Support selecting the landscape or portrait orientation for output.Version 2.7 – Add support for paper size 3R and A6.Version 2.5 – Fix a bug that the program may crash when the screen is rotated during a progress dialog is running.Version 2.4 – Fix a bug that invalid input file may crash the program and add more checking for the length ratio input.Version 2.3 – Improve the layout of the main screen in the landscape orientation.Version 2.2 – Add grid lines for showing the positions of crown and chin.Version 2.1 – Enhance to support resizing and moving functions in the drag mode. Dim the color of the unselected area.Version 2.0 – Support multi-touch gesture in the resize mode.Version 1.9 – Enhance to store the settings last used and provide output directory setting.Version 1.8 – Add support for taking a photo directly from camera.Version 1.7 – Support traditional and simplified Chinese languages.Version 1.6 – Add Send option to send the generated picture via email/messaging/bluetooth.Version 1.5 – Add Resize and Move functions to help user resizing and moving the rectangle when cropping the image.Version 1.4 - Add icons to the buttons and menu options.Version 1.3 - Set the default output path as the DCIM folder for better compatibility with different android devices. Prompt dialog boxes to alert user for any error conditions.Version 1.2 - Enforce checking to ensure the rectangle drawn will not exceed the image boundary.Version 1.1 - Add Sample Size option to control the compression ratio of the generated picture.

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