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iDestroy: Modern Bug Combat

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40+ Weapons! 100+ Bugs for you to Destroy!★ Destroy, torture, smash & explode bugs endlessly.★ Relieve stress by shooting bugs with epic weapons of war!★ Build crazy contraptions that kill bugs for you!★ Play the most addictive, fun, action-packed, Stress Relief Game for FREE!• Demolish insects, destroy Zombies, blast bugs, kill & smash ants in your pocket.• Wipe out your enemies with nuclear bombs & airstrikes!• Endless combinations of weapons, traps and bugs!• Crush Insects to death within seconds.• Destroy photos! Use realistic screen cracks to prank your friends! • Get free in-game currency to spend on new guns with every friend code you enter!!!! Download iDestroy Now while it’s FREE!!!Customer Reviews“In iDestroy you can destroy bugs, zombies and blast shoot freeze all enemies just like in battlefield, 5 stars!” Runner5“This game is wonderful it has lots of action and blood its nasty.” C Pina“Great time killing game to blow your steam off on bugs + you get all the things you need to GO WILD! its FAR better than beat the boss and office jerk” Rudy“Make endless money with DP when entering your friends destruction code.” MikeNuclear attacks: Create an epic battle field and wage war on spiders, worms, bugs and flies on your device with epic machines of war and endless ammo• Nuclear Bombs• Mine bombs• Grenades• Plastic Explosive• Minefield Drop• Homing Missile• Dynamite• Missiles• High-Explosive Mines• Omega blast• TNTBombs and Rockets: AIr attack your enemies, aim striker demolish, earn easy money by destroying hordes of bees, zombies, ants and many more enemies!• Cannonballs• Jumping Bomb• laser bombs• Air striker• Air bomber• Hailstorm of rocketsGuns: iDestroy has weapons for all: “Superhero,runner,ninja,turtles,action players,arcade gamers, Spider & iron man´s.”• Minigun• Airgun• Machine Gun• Shotgun• Paintball GunBuzz Saw: Wipe out annoying flies by tilting them left to right on your device and let them free fall into the dangerous blade of the:• Rotary Saw• Double Rotary Saw• Double Buzzsaws• Quad-BuzzsawsSlow spiders down with the:• Freeze Ray• Mighty Freeze storm• Shrink Ray your preyElectricity Shock: Be the Terminator of tower defense games!• Lightning Storm• Shock WaveStorms: Demolish the ant kingdom use, Rocket Hailstorm & jetpack your way through 100s insects.Nailgun• Rocket Hailstorm• Snowstorm• Anvil RainFire: Burn spiders to death within seconds with awesome bug exterminator weapons.• Gasoline• Fire Grenade• FlamethrowerFoods: Deceive bugs and kill them with the delicious:• Explosion Bait• Poisoned Apple and BreadTower Defense:• Flamethrower Tower• Minigun TowerBe the best ant smasher! Laser bugs with the:• Laser grenade• Mega Volts of electricity• MagnetWeapons of mass destruction:• Lighter• Hammer• Glass Hammer• Rolling pin• Rock• Poison SprayWallpaper:Realistic looking:• Grass, Sand, Metal, Tiles & concrete background!• Choose from your own personal photos or just destroy your homescreen.★★★ Various Bug VICTIMS ★★★• Mosquitos• Flies• Bees + their nests!• Cockroaches• Sowbugs• Ticks• Worms• Spiders• Ants + ant hills!• Black Widows• Waterbugs• Ladybugs• Black Bugs• ZombiesPlease note this game is not any version of 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & completely unrelated to any COD series. iDestroy is a simulation game where you destroy bugs endlessly! Raid bugs,shoot worms & zombies,destroy ants with insect exterminator robot laser weapons,toss zombies into the dangerous buzz saw like paper.Tired of always seeing the same gladiator,fighting,candy,burger smash,monster attacking,dragons, knights,kingdoms,puzzle,dating,craft games.★★★TRY iDestroy NOW FOR FREE ★★★The game is totally free, free of cost, gratis! If you like guns, tanks, ammo, war, warfare, Modern war, defence, td, stg, strategy and destruction with blood and gore games, iDESTROY is the game for you!

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