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ID@NCKU Design Expo 2011

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The design philosophy of Department of Industrial Design at National Cheng Kung University is based on the people and hence chooses “Confrontation” as the main theme of this exhibition, in which the ideology of Confucianism plays as the core idea that emphasizes on the harmony of people and their needs, human interpersonal relationships, the relationship between people and society. This kind of harmonious relationship has been selected as the main theme of this exhibition. The product ideas are based on creating comfortable and safe products which are environmentally friendly, combine humanity and technology, create designs that balance nature and life in order to achieve elegance, excellence, and harmony. The benevolence-based design are about caring for others, self-discipline, loving personality, and eventually generating designs that are: (1) Caring and cherishing others, (2) Full of understanding, (3) Friendly and compatible, (4) Rich and contented. This design exhibition attempts to interpret the idea of “benevolence” in different kinds of design context. In the benevolence-based design, the main idea of this design exhibition is to propose different layers of benevolent design context, such as: (1) Caring and cherishing others: Based on creating objects to develop the knowledge of product design, (2) Full of understanding: Based on redefining creative design ideas to fulfill human needs, (3) Friendly and compatible: Promoting and exchanging design ideas, (4) Rich and contented: Proposing interactive platforms for creating smart and high-quality lifestyles in the future.

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