Redfish Instruments’ iDVM is a digital multimeter that wirelessly transmits voltage, current and resistance measurements via an 802.11 wifi connection to any Android device for enhanced visualization, data sharing, and data logging. Control of the iDVM is entirely from within the application that resides on the mobile device. Download the iDVM app from the App Store and use it immediately with the built in signal generator to test the features and functions prior to purchasing the iDVM multimeter.Once you’ve convinced yourself it’s just what you need, buy the hardware from our website or from one of our partners. The iDVM will permit you to measure voltage, current, and resistance from up to 30 yards away while still logging the data. Once you’ve captured the data you can use the many attributes of your Android devices to pinch, scroll, pan, and zoom your data. Since the data is on your Android device, you can also email to your colleagues for review. The meter will even talk to you, providing regular voice updates on your measurements. The iDVM is the greatest advancement in multimeters since the advent of the LCD.Top Features:•Wirelessly make voltage, current, and resistance measurements•Send data via email, Bluetooth, or post to DropBox•Scroll, pan, pinch your data for more granular view•Records electrical measurements over an extended period of time•Highly customizable data display for improved visualization•Remote operation from up to 30 yards awayTop Uses:•Remote automotive electrical measurements•Embedded systems design engineering•Electrical contracting•Audio engineering•Support and service techniciansAbout Redfish Instruments, Inc.:Redfish Instruments is a manufacturer of iPhone, iPad and Android enabled electronic test and measurement instruments. The advent of Apple’s and Android’s mobile computing devices has enabled an entirely new way of capturing, visualizing, saving, and sharing electrical measurements. Redfish Instruments is delighted to be the first company in the world to bring this remarkable user interface to its electrical measurement customers.

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