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EXIF metadata stored in the JPG/JPEG pictures taken with your phone is useful. It lets you remember where you took them by storing the GPS location inside, it contains useful information about the camera settings and the date the picture was taken, and in general it's nice to have and a very good aid to keeping your photos in order.It's frequently not very nice to have when someone else has yours, however, and when you post your images on the net and send them to people, it is more often than not preserved intact. There are even search engines out there now which allow you to search for all the pictures taken with a particular unique camera.So it is good practice to strip metadata when publishing images. This application allows you to do it about as seamlessly as possible, by installing itself in the "Share" menu. Share a picture with this application, and a new copy of the image will be created, with no metadata inside whatsoever, upon which, a new Share menu will pop up, so you can send the picture to where it belongs. The new copy of the file will have the name prepended with "_stripped_" and will be located wherever the original was, to be deleted when there is no longer a need for it. (Unfortunately, it appears there is no practical way to do it automatically, as we can't know when the destination program is done with it.) Receiving and processing multiple images at once is supported. NOTE: Sharing images with Google Plus app is currently not guaranteed to work due to a bug in the Google Plus app, see is a chance that an as of yet unknown Android application creates JPEG files which, while normally visible in the gallery, are not correctly handled by the program and will cause a force close or an unreadable stripped file. If that happens, please send a copy of an original file (taking a picture of a blank wall will do) to so that it can be handled correctly in a future version.

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