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DeveloperAntonio Giarrusso
Added4 years ago
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Google Rating3.8
by On June 1, 2011
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iMathematics is the best app on Android Market for the study of mathematics! With more than 120 topics, over 700 formulas, attractive interface and with 8 solvers and calculators! Try it for free, if you like it you can buy iMathematics Pro for only € 1.60! ================================ FEATURES ================================ ✔ A complete porting of the famous iPhone version! ✔ 9 apps in 1: 8 calculators and 1 form! ✔ Over 700 formulas, definitions and theorems! The more complete form on Android Market.. constantly updated! ✔ 8 magnificent Utilities to help you in the exercises: Scientific Calculator, Quadratic Equations Solver, Fraction Approximator, Graphic Calculator, Advanced Calculator, Systems Solver, Matrices Solver, and math Glossary! ✔ Beautiful graphical user interface, simple and intuitive! ✔ Support for new device High Resolution! ✔ Very complete form, divided into sections for an easy consultation! ✔ More than 50 Quizzes on the topics to test your knowledge! ✔ Links to Wikipedia for every topic! ✔ Examples on how to use the Advanced Calculator for every topic! ✔ Possibility to try iMathematics for free or unlock it completely buying iMathematics Pro for only € 1.60 ! ================================ COMING IN NEXT UPDATE… ================================ ● Differential Equations ● Additions to the study of functions

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