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Exchange encrypted SMS messages and keep them private with Indigo SMS. Indigo SMS is an application with enhanced privacy, security, and usability features that allows the exchange of encrypted SMS messages. Use the "Auto-Delete" feature to automatically delete the SMS after the recipient has read the message.Indigo SMS uses no servers in the process and holds no private data; scrambled text is sent as a regular SMS using the customer's mobile carrier network.For secure messaging, the application should be installed on both the sender and recipient’s phones, but you can also send regular, non-secure messages to users who don't have Indigo SMS.Indigo SMS is an upgrade to standard text messaging and has many time-saving features than the native SMS applications.• Limited time promotional offer: Get Indigo SMS for a year for the price of three months (reg $15.99).• Please Note: Activation of Indigo SMS requires registration. • Just select Activate option on Indigo SMS activation screen, activation message will be sent to your phone via SMS.• Please send an email to, if you have any questions.While sending a secure message, Indigo SMS on the sender's phone scrambles the text and sends the message as a regular SMS. Indigo SMS on the recipient's phone decrypts and displays the message. The messages sent are regular SMS messages, but as scrambled text.Indigo SMS offers a host of useful capabilities including: Password Protection, Auto-Delete, One-click Toggle, Remote Wipe, Multi-language support, Archives, Conversations, and Templates for your SMS.Product Features• A password lock to the application protects personal text messages from casual or intentional snooping when the phone is left unattended. • Auto-Delete feature: Specify a message as "Auto-Delete" while sending and it will be automatically deleted after the recipient has read the message.• Backup feature allows users to backup all SMS messages to any email address. Incoming and outgoing SMS messages will be forwarded automatically using your Gmail account.• Support for long SMS messages.• Support for Unicode standard which allows encryption and decryption of messages composed in non-Latin language scripts including Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew etc • Support for sending scheduled SMS. Compose your message and schedule it to be sent at a later time automatically.• Advanced security for messages exchanged over the air.• An attractive interface that is simple to navigate.• Contact integration with the main list on the mobile device.• A Conversation mode for messages that are sent and received.• Archiving of messages based on importance.• Personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, and locations can be sent securely without worry of interception.• Sensitive customer communications can now be sent through SMS.• Strong AES encryption safeguards message transmission against hackers.

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