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INFOSOUND, Getting Information from SoundThe INFOSOUND browser obtains useful information about the time and place from INFOSOUND information that is embedded in the sound that your mobile device picks up.In a store, just point your mobile device's mic at the background music, and the INFOSOUND browser will get you the coupons and information about the products nearby. In an art gallery or museum, the INFOSOUND browser will show you an explanation of the exhibit in front of you. At an event, you can seek out secret locations to gather points that you can use to win a prize.>>> What's INFOSOUND?INFOSOUND is a technique that Yamaha has developed to transmit digital information in sound. The INFOSOUND browser demodulates barely audible sounds that are played from normal speakers to obtain the digital information. INFOSOUND can be used in quiet environments where the sounds containing the information are the only sounds present. It can also be used in busy environments where the sounds are mixed with background music.>>> Supported Devices- The following devices are supported as of April 25, 2013.docomo: Xperia (SO-01B) After OS2.1.1 Xperia arc (SO-01C) Xperia acro (SO-02C) Xperia ray (SO-03C) Xperia PLAY (SO-01D) Xperia NX (SO-02D) Xperia acro HD (SO-03D) Xperia GX(SO-04D) Xperia SX(SO-05D) Xperia AX(SO-01E) GALAXY S (SC-02B) GALAXY S2 (SC-02C) GALAXY S3 (SC-06C) GALAXY NEXUS (SC-04D) GALAXY Note (SC-02E) GALAXY S3 α(SC-03E) AQUOS PHONE (SH-12C, SH-01D, SH-06D) AQUOS PHONE f (SH-13C) AQUOS PHONE slider (SH-02D) AQUOS PHONE ZETA (SH-09D, SH-02E) AQUOS PHONE sv (SH-10D) AQUOS PHONE si (SH-01E) AQUOS PHONE EX (SH-04E) LYNX 3D (SH-03C) Q-pot.Phone (SH-04D) REGZA Phone (T-01C, T-01D, T-02D) MEDIAS (N-04C) MEDIAS WP (N-06C) MEDIAS LTE (N-04D) MEDIAS PP (N-01D) MEDIAS ES (N-05D) MEDIAS X (N-07D) ARROWS Kiss (F-03D) F-03D Girls' ARROWS X LTE (F-05D) ARROWS μ (F-07D) ARROWS X(F-10D) ARROWS Me(F-11D) ARROWS V (F-04E) F-12C Rakuraku Smart Phone(F-12D) P-01D P-04D LUMIX Phone (P-02D) P-07C ELUGA V (P-06D) ELUGA power (P-07D) ELUGA X (P-02E) Optimus bright (L-07C) Optimus it (L-05D) Optimus G (L-01E) Optimus LIFE (L-02E) Disney Mobile on docomo (F-08D, P-05D) SH-07D Ascend (HW-01E) ARROWS kiss (F-03E) MEDIAS U(N-02E) Disney Mobile on docomo(N-03E) ARROWS X(F-02E) Xperia Z(SO-02E)au: IS03 REGZA Phone (IS04, IS11T) IS05 SIRIUSα (IS06) HTC EVO WiMAX (ISW11HT) G'z One commando (IS11CA) Xperia arco (IS11S) Xperia acro HD (IS12S) AQUOS PHONE (IS11SH, IS12SH, IS13SH, IS14SH,ISW16SH, IS17SH) AQUOS PHONE SL(IS15SH) INFOBAR A01, C01 MIRACH (IS11PT) EIS01PT HTC EVO 3D (ISW12HT) MOTOROLA PHOTON (ISW11M) MOTOROLA RAZR (IS12M) ARROWS Z (ISW11F,ISW13F) ARROWS ES (IS12F) DIGNO (ISW11K) MEDIAS BR (IS11N) GALAXY S2 WiMAX (ISW11SC) Optimus X (IS11LG) ISW13HT URBANO PROGRESSO AQUOS PHONE SERIE (SHL21) XPERIA VL(SOL21) G'z One TYPE-L(CAL21) VEGA(PTL21) htc J butterfly(HTL21) Optimus G(LGL21) INFOBAR (INFOBAR A02)Softbank: HTC Desire, DesireII, DesireHD (X06HT, X06HTII, 001HT) GALAPAGOS (003SH, 005SH) Disney Mobile (DM009SH, DM010SH, DM011SH) AQUOS PHONE (006SH, 102SH, 103SH, 104SH, 102SH) AQUOS PHONE THE HYBRID (007SH, 007SH J, 101SH) AQUIS PHONE THE PREMIUM (009SH) AQUIS PHONE THE Xx (106SH) PANTONE 5 (107SH) 007SH KT Yahoo! Phone (009SH Y) vision (007HW) STREAM(201HW) Simple Smart Phone(008Z) STAR 7 (009Z) ARROWS A (101F) ARROWS ef (FJL21) Sweety (003P) LUMIX Phone (101P) 102P MEDIAS CH (101N) HONEY BEE(201K) RAZR M(201M) GALAXY S3 Progre(SCL21) DIGNO S (KYL21) PANTONE6(200SH) Disney mobile(DM013SH) ARROWS A(201F)EMOBILE: Sony Ericsson mini (S51SE) GS03(*)This application may not work properly, except the devices listed above. This application can only be used in Japan.>>> KeywordsINFOSOUND,INFOSOUNDbrowser,YAMAHA,Coupon,Stamp Rally

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