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InstaNote is the quickest way to make a note with your phone. Just open the app, scribble a note, and hit save. Now it's in your image gallery! Why is it so awesome? InstaNote is perfect for when your friend is holding 12 limes. That's too many limes! Suddenly, the solution pops into your head: he needs a bag to hold all those limes! But you don't have a pen or paper to record your moment of genius, so you start thinking about your dental plan and lose your train of thought. Now Mike's left holding too many limes. Nobody wins in this scenario. Settings Even though the app is super-simple, you can change how it works. Open the settings ('Settings' button on the main screen) and you can make these adjustments: * pen width * pen color * background color * the option to give notes a custom file name There's also a list of recent notes you've made. Click on them to view.PermissionsThere are three we had to use for InstaNote: Storage: the app needs to save photos to the SD card. Network communication: to get the ads in the settings screen. Phone calls: ads do a 'Read Phone State' ping or it doesn't count as an ad impression. Feedback If you like it or don't like it, say why in your review comment. That way we can make it better instead of just being cheesed off and buying a giant pizza with all the toppings then eat in while watching reruns of Gilmore Girls and wondering why we don't have a rustic Stars Hollow lifestyle. We made this app because it's slightly more awesome than what's out there already, so if you can use your words then it'll be better next time, we promise.

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