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Themed mini-festivals for viewing on Netflix Watch Instantly, Hulu, Mubi, Fandor, You Tube, Vimeo, and other online streaming sources.Android app for mobile version of the Instant View Film Festival blog. Designed for those who are frustrated when looking for something good to watch on available streaming services. Daily entries (Monday through Friday) provide contextual information for international cinemas, documentary films, animation, experimental cinema, popular genre films and American independent features. Links within entries go to websites for Netflix, Hulu, Mubi, Fandor, and other streaming resources.Please note the following before downloading:This app simply provides a convenient way to view the mobile version of the Instant View Film Festival blog. You can also view the blog in both mobile and full web versions at on white_rabbit review: The app is based on Blogger’s mobile version of the blog (as stated above). You may want to check first to see if Blogger’s mobile version works on your device. Otherwise, please consult screen shots and let us know if the app does not meet those expectations.This app is not a media player. This app provides links to the websites for resources currently streaming recommended films.This app does not provide links to the Netflix Android app. For recommended films currently streaming on Netflix, this app provides links to the Netflix website.This app does not play video material from Netflix, Hulu or any other streaming resources. This app provides links to those streaming resources so that you can put recommended films and videos in your queue, mark them to view later, add them as favorites, or whatever is most appropriate for that streaming resource and your account there. If the streaming resources are not available in your location or country, then this app will simply provide you with recommendations and descriptions.The Instant View Film Festival has no affiliation with Netflix, Hulu, Mubi, Fandor, You Tube, or any other streaming resource.

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